The Winning Blackjack Secret Revealed!

chipsMy name is Joe Black (I know, really original. Thanks mom & dad). I’ve been playing blackjack for over twenty years and trying consistently to increase my winnings. My first introduction to blackjack was on a camping trip with my cousin. He called it twenty-one but as we grew older we started calling it by the correct name. Back then we were playing for pennies…literally. It was Penny Blackjack and we didn’t even have the most basic blackjack strategy let alone a winning strategy. As the years progressed we upped the anti. Honestly I think he still owes me some cash.

But that was then and this is now. I’ve been wanting to make some serious coin playing blackjack and began reading all sorts of books and websites on the subject. I came across a version of the “blackjack cheat sheet“…a matrix of what to do (in theory of course) based on my cards and what the dealers up card was. This started increasing my winnings dramatically but for years of play I figured I’m honestly about even…if not in the hole a bit. It’s sad to say considering that blackjack is one of the best games to play on a casino floor. According to all those crazy math guys it has the house with the lowest advantage out of all games like craps, roulette an of course those addicting slot machines. It might be the best odds against the house BUT the house still has the best odds of winning…until now that is.

cardsAs I mentioned I was looking to increase my winnings from playing and being armed with basic blackjack strategy just wasn’t cutting it. In my research I came across an astounding piece of information about a guy who claimed he adjusted the odds to be in his favor by a whopping 1.97% and consistently brought home more than $1,577 per day from the blackjack table. Now that might not seem like a lot but if you were to treat it like a full-time, 40 hour per week job and only take two week of vacation you’d generate roughly $394,250 per year in winnings. Now consider only “working” half of the year and bringing home a small $197,125 a year. How would that change your life?

I can tell you it has changed my life for the better. My wife no longer needs to work a real job. In fact she spends more time with our daughter then she ever thought possible. And even I get to spend significant amounts of time too with both of them. In fact we travel the world to great places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and even Monte Carlo and I just play blackjack. Of course I don’t do it every day because of this remarkable system that has me consistently earning more in a day then many people earn in a week!

Forget about basic blackjack strategy…well not entirely BUT you need to get in with this system if you really want to start making some quick, easy cash while having a lot of fun – and no, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Now don’t get me wrong, there days I walk out with nothing but more often then not I make the money I’m talking about. Add to that I’m entertained and get free drinks in most casinos and my income grows from there.

So how would you like to make an extra $10,000 this month? How about $20 or even $30,000 more this month. Heck even $30,000 more per year could drastically change your life couldn’t it? It could buy you a new car, send your kid to college or take that amazing family vacation you’ve been talking about couldn’t it?

Why waste time then reading this and suffering paycheck to paycheck?

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